The office of the Superintendent of Fisheries, East Garo Hills, Williamnagar comes under the control of the Director of Fisheries, Meghalaya, Shillong. The Superintendent of Fisheries is the head of the department at the district level. The Fishery department involves in implementing with all the development activities in the Fishery Sector which include horizontal expansion of culture areas, infrastructure development, capacity building and conservation of indigenous fish species. The main aim of the Department is to attain self sufficiency in fish production and creation of livelihood opportunities and rural employment among the unemployed youth.



District office
Superintendent of Fisheries: The Superintendent of Fisheries is responsible for implementation of the schemes sanctioned by the Government, management of Departmental Farms, Conservation and Legislation etc. They are responsible for administration, implementation, and supervision of various developmental activities in the district.
Fishery Officer: The Fishery Officer is responsible for supervision of all developmental activities and assist the Superintendent of Fisheries in over all smooth functioning of the office.
Fishery Supervisor: The category of post is usually placed in charge of Farms or under the District or Sub-divisional officer.
Fishery Demonstrator: Fishery Demonstrator is the grass root field level technical staff at the Block level who are directly involved with the public in matters relating to Fisheries activities



  • MSAM 1.0
  • MSAM 2.0
  • Blue Revolution
  • PMMSY (Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana)
  • NMPS (National Mission for Protein Supplements)
  • RKVY (Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yojana)


Who’s Who

Designation Name Contact
Superintendent of Fisheries Smt. Helparine A. Sangma 8638083113
Fishery Officer (Direction and administration) Shri. Bickyforth R. Marak 8638083113
Fishery Officer (Conservation and Legislation) Shri. Kangku Oliver N. Sangma 9774140043
Fishery Supervisor Shri. Rupert G. Momin 9089776808
Fishery Demonstrator Shri. Tesram K. Marak 7005108259
Fishery Demonstrator Smt. Anjuna A. Sangma 9436324457