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East Garo Hills district is politically represented as follows:

  1. In the Indian Parliament by one MP each at the Rajya Sabha & the Lok Sabha.
  2. In the Meghalaya State Legislative Assembly by three MLAs.
  3. In the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council by three MDCs.
  • In the Rajya Sabha, the district and the State of Meghalaya as a whole, is represented by one MP.
  • In the Lok Sabha, the three Assembly Constituencies of the district forms part of one Lok Sabha Constituency, i.e. the 2-Tura Parliamentary Constituency.
  • The three Assembly Constituencies in the district are viz. 41-Songsak (ST) AC, 42-Rongjeng (ST) AC & 43-Williamnagar (ST) AC.
  • In the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council, three MDCs represent the district from the three GHADC Constituencies, viz. 27-Samandagre, 28-Darugre & 29-Williamnagar GHADC Constituencies.