How Do I Obtain...
an Income Certificate

How Do I Obtain An Income Certificate?

Applications for Income Certificates is a part of the e-Districts Project and are now processed online. You can access the application at the URL given below. The citizens who have no access to the Internet can access the services through the following channels:

  • Public Facilitation Centre at the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Williamnagar.
  • A Common Service Centre or CSC (Rainbow Centre or Digital Seva) near you.
  • Or any Cyber/Internet cafe near you.


URL of the Service:

Public Facilitation Centre (PFC): Room# 24, Ground Floor, DC's Office, East Garo Hills, Williamnagar.

List of CSCs in the district: CSCs in the District


What you will need:

Attested copies of the following documents are to be submitted/attached along with the application form duly filled in:

# Name of the Document Allowed Document to Enclose Remarks
1. Residential Proof EPIC/Voter’s Card/Electricity Bill/Land Patta/Ration Card or Any other Residential Proof
2. Proof of Salary
  1. In form of Affidavit (for non-Government applicants)
  2. Salary Certificate from Employer in case parent(s)/Applicant are employed
  3. Pension Payment Order/Certificate from Treasury Officer (for retired government servants
  4. Declaration if either of them is not employed
3. Proof of requirement for the Certificate, if applicable


  • If you are applying yourself,
    1. You need to be a registered user at the Meghalaya e-District website. To register you need to supply a valid e-mail ID. Note: Please specify the State e.g. 'Meghalaya' as the case the case might be.
    2. When applying, please specify the Office you are applying to correctly, e.g. Óffice of the Deputy Commissioner, Williamnagar' as the case the case might be.
    3. While applying you will be needed to supply a valid mobile number.
    4. You will be able to track the status of your application through the Application ID supplied to you at the end of the application process.
    5. You will be intimated through the e-mail/SMS on the e-mail address/mobile number you suppied regarding any notifications, actions needed, etc., during the processing.
    6. On successful processing of your application, you will be notified again through an e-mail/SMS.
    7. You will be able to download the Certificate from the link given to you on your e-mail.
  • If you are applying through a PFC,
    1. Duly fill in the application form (available at the PFC) and submit along with the attested copies of the documents needed.
    2. You will be required to supply a valid mobile number.
    3. Items 3, 4 & 5 from above will also apply here, in this case you will be initimated through SMSes on the mobile number you supplied.
    4. On successful processing, you can collect the hard copy of the certificate from the PFC.


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