finance (Treasury)Department

finance (treasury) Department

At the District level, there is one Treasury officer, a member from the Meghalaya Finance Service(MFS) assisted by (1) Assistant Treasury Officer(ATO),Accountant, Senior Accounts Assistant(SAA),Junior Account Assistant(JAA) from the Meghalaya Subordinate Treasury accounts Service(2) Senior Assistant System Administrator(Technical) for System management(3) Grade —IV staff. It is under the control of Director of Accounts and Treasuries.



The Treasury Office is primarily responsible for financial transaction pertain to receipts and payments on account of the State Government relating to various Govt. Departments in the District. The Treasuries look after the initial and subsidiary accounts of payments and receipts and send these accounts to the A G,Shillong.

Treasury Officer.
The Treasury Officer is responsible for financial transaction of receipts and payments of various Govt.Departments.He is also responsible for timely and prompt submission of monthly compiled Accounts relating to such transactions to the Accountant General. For proper discharge of the above functions ,the Treasury Officer is to strictly observe all financial rules prescribed by the Govt. for his guidance with regard to daily routine of Treasury works.
Assistant Treasury Officer:
To assist Treasury Officer. To hold current charge of Treasury Office in absence of Treasury Officer, either on leave or on official duties/assignments. Accountant: primarily responsible for accuracy of daily receipts, payments, and accounting of all Govt. transactions, all books and records.
Senior Accounts Assistant(SAA):
To assist Accountant in receipt, payments and accounts of all govt.transactions ,all books and records.
Junior Accounts Assistant(JAA):
To assist Senior Account Assistants.
Senior Assistant System Administrator(SASA):
System management in respective District Treasuries.


Who's Who
Designation Name Contact
The Treasury Officer    
Assistant Treasury Officer Josper Sangma 8974549331
Accountant Sajerlang I.Kyndiah 9774887594
Senior Accounts Assistant Sabina M Sangma 8787806916
Senior Accounts Assistant Breaker M Sangma 9101253335
Senior Accounts Assistant Ellora Kama Marak 9863290628
Senior Accounts Assistant Hornick Saka Momin 9436330245
Senior Accounts Assistant Hornick Saka Momin 9436330245
Junior Accounts Assistant Manasseh Jaseng A Sangma 8974002917
Junior Accounts Assistant Alexander Bradley N Sangma 8575147682
Junior Accounts Assistant Sengmitchi Rongma Marak 8787449450
Junior Accounts Assistant Silmen K.Sangma 8787358088
Junior Accounts Assistant Eurekha D.Shira 7005750057
Junior Accounts Assistant Daniel K.Sangma 7005295641
Junior Accounts Assistant Ridawn S Sangma 8575016941
Senior Assistant System Administrator Clementson Jana 9402307725



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