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District Statistical Officer, East Garo Hills, Williamnagar

The fundamental gospel of District Statistical Office, Williamnagar established in the year 1978 is to push back the domain of ignorance, rule of thumb, arbitrary or premature decisions, tradition and dogmatism and to increase the domain in which decisions are made and formulated on the basis of analytical facts. The Departmental has no other developmental schemes during the Annual Plan period for implementation rather than presenting the statement in a precise and a definite form which helps the Government in formulating policies in social, economic and business in the field of planning, taxation, social security etc. on the basis of analysis of statistical data and inferences drawn from them and to give judicious forecasting of the future trends which is a sine qua non for efficient implementation of policies. The District Statistical Office is mainly engage with Crop estimation survey on various crops namely Autumn paddy, spring paddy, winter paddy, Rape & Mustard which falls under the National Crop Insurance Scheme whereas along with these crops ginger, potato, cotton, maize and jute are included for crop estimation survey. The office conducts the crop cutting experiment on various crops from the Experimental fields and plots to get the average yield rate of the crops. It also deals with the National Sample Survey and collection of Retail and wholesale prices throughout the District. The office is also dealt with the publication of Statistical Abstract, District at a Glance and Block Indicator from the Block Level. The main function of the District Statistical Office, Williamnagar is to conduct Surveys such as Crop estimation survey, Crop Forecasting, National Sample Survey, publication relating to the District, Weekly and Monthly Retail as well as Wholesale Price collection etc. and other survey assigned thereof.



In view of the predominant role of agriculture in the State economy of Meghalaya timely, reliable and comprehensive agricultural statistics are of paramount importance. The primary responsibility, rest with the block development offices of the different district for collection of agricultural statistics including the area and production of the crop in the state. The yield rates of principal crops are estimated through the crop estimation survey (CES). Besides providing estimates of yield rates, the survey is also to collect useful ancillary information on the existing cultivation practice, attack of pest and diseases, natural calamity, etc. on the principal crops of the state, thus obtained are compiled and analyzed by the Head office of the Directorate of Economics and Statistics and are sent every year to the Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operation, Directorate of Economics and Statistics and to the National Sample Survey Organization (FOD) Faridabad for over all account of the Status of estimation of Agriculture production, etc. in the country and also the technical details and results relating to the improvement of crop statistics. The crop estimation survey is conducted through crop cutting experiment (CCE) in all the selected sample villages as per sampling design. The main objective is to obtain the following estimates.

i) Average yield per hectare of the crop at the Block/District and State level.
ii) Production of the crop at the Block, District and State level.
iii) Productivity of certain variety of the particular crop at the District and State Level.
iv) To study the productivity of the crop grown under different cultural practices.

Crop forecasting of various Khariff and Rabi crops of the district is done taking into account
all the land use statistics and area, production and yield of all the C&RD Blocks of the district. The Crop Forecast Committee has been constituted with Deputy Commissioner as the Chairman, District Statistical Officer as Secretary, District Agriculture Officer, District Horticulture Officer, District Forest Officer, Divisional Soil &Water Conservation Officer and Agricultural Executive Engineer (Irrigation) as its members.

The wholesale and retail Price of essential items of food and non-food items are collected on weekly and monthly basis from the District headquarter and from the 3 (three) different Community and Rural Development Blocks. It is an attempt to depict the price situation during the year and the monthly variation of general price level in both urban and rural areas of the district.

The District Statistical Office, Williamnagar has published “ THE DISTRICT STATISTICAL ABSTRACT, East Garo hills,2009 “ which is Fifth in its series under the guidance of the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Meghalaya, Shillong which provide Statistical information and Socio economics aspects of the District for the benefit of the interested individuals, policy makers, planners, research scholars etc.

The District Office, Williamnagar had carried out pilot survey on BSLLD (Urban) in Williamnagar Urban East Garo Hills for the year, 2012-13 under the auspies of the Directorate of Economic and Statistics, Meghalaya, Shillong.

The District Office, Williamnagar Survey has also successfully carried out Non-Profit Institution of the District in December, 2009. It indicates the functioning and non-functioning institutions of the District.

The National Sample Survey (NSS), set up by the Government of India in 1950 to collect socio-economics data employing scientific sampling methods, will starts its seventy-Fourth round from 1st July, 2016. The survey will continue up to 30th June, 2017. The seventy-Fourth Round of NSS is devoted exclusively to survey on Service Sector based on 6th Economics Census and Business Register.

Survey of Business establishment for the maintenance of District Business are being carried out throughout, East Garo Hills District.


Who's Who
Designation Name Contact
D.S.O. Shri. Mikasal T. Sangma 7005885760
Inspector of Statistics Shri. Heldish G. Momin 9485436701
S.I.S (H. Qtr) Shri. Rakban K. Sangma 9366194488
SIS Songsak Dev. Block Shri. Fring Goldsmith R. Marak 7005949059
SIS Rongjeng Dev. Block Shri. Paulas A. Sangma 7005695340
U.D.A. Shri. Dolrich M. Marak 7005642307
L.D.A. Shri. Barnath A. Sangma 9089379959
Primary Investigator Shri. Julpister N. Marak 9615303234
Field Assistant Smt. Grace Marcithina M. Sangma 9366907815
Field Assistant Shri. Pansrang M. Sangma 7005645358
Field Assistant Shri. Grimra A. Sangma 7085538865
Field Assistant Shri. Jingjang R. Marak 9612917429
Field Assistant Shri, BilrakBernon K. Sangma 7005680010



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