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planning  Department

District Planning Organization is one of the Administrative Organization in the Administrative set up of the planning Department.The District Planning Organization in East Garo Hills Districts is one of the District Unit of the State Planning. The Organization is headed by the District Planning Officer who functions under the supervision of the Deputy Commissioner. The District Planning Officer is drawn from the Indian Administrative Service/ State Civil Service and is assisted by one Research Officer, one Assistant Research Officer and one Research Assistant. The subject matter dealt with by the office is received first as dak and the district planning offices will check it and sign on it as seen the letter or matter and from this table the dak will go to Dealing Assistants who will put up the letters in the file and will route through Assistant Research Officer and then to the Research officer and finally to the District Planning Officer as well as to Deputy Commissioner. The formatting of the Branch is most of regulatory and statutory, it functions under the superintendence direction of the District Planning Officer, East Garo Hills District, Williamnagar.



The Planning branch deals with the matter relating to Plans/Schemes/ Projects sanctioned by the State Government for the Development of various aspects of the development works at the District and Block Level for the urban as well as rural.
The District Planning Office under the Superintendence direction of the District Planning Officer, East Garo Hills District, and Williamagar delivers the following services.

a) Deals with the scheme like Voluntary Action Plan i.e., gives Financial Assistance to the NGO’S/VAs/SHGS, conducted Block Level Science &Environment Fair for School Students, conducted Workshops Training for the School Teachers under national Children Teachers Science Congress and perform Science Exposure Trip to different states of India for the School Children to exemplify discoveries and inventions of many great Scientists.

b) Conduct Inspections of various developmental departments of the schemes and projects undertaken by the departments.

c) Conduct District Planning and Development Council meeting to take stock of natural and human resources of the District as well as the level and pattern of developmental and exploitation of these resources and to access gaps in development sectors, projections of local needs and aspiration, formulate District Development Plans. The DPDC’S were constituted an objective of decentralization of the planning process and for facilitating the formulation of District Plans. The Development Departments prepares the Plan Budgets and Plan Proposals for the year and the Chairman in the meeting approves the Annual Plan and forwards it to the Planning Department, Shillong. The Planning Department and the Headquarters then recommended and accommodated the Plan Proposals by Projecting the local needs and aspirations by translating them into schemes and programmes and by fixing priorities within the objectives of the State/ National Plan.

d) Conduct District Co-ordination meeting with all the Development Departments to take stock of the natural and human resource of the District and the local of development undertaken by the Development Departments on the Government Schemes as well as to access gaps in development sectors, Projection of local needs and aspirations, formulates District Development Plans, Co-ordinates and coverage in the implementation of District Plans and Programmes and further monitors the implementation on District Plan and Programmes. The Chairman make recommendations with a views to ensuring co-ordination in the matter of planning in the District Co-ordinates and coverage in the implementation of District Plans and Programmes and further monitors and reviews the implementation of District Plan s and programmes.

e) Implementation of Chief Minister Youth Development Schemes (CMYDS) through NGOs, VA’S.

f) Implementation of District Innovation Fund through Development Departments.

g) Prepare District Action Plan for Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs)


schemes/projects implemented

1. Voluntary Action Plan

2. Block Level Science & Environment Fair.

3. Science Exposure Trip.

4. National Children’s Science Congress.

5. National Science Day Celebration.

6. District Planning & Development Council.

7. District Coordination Committee.

8. Chief Minister Youth Development Scheme.

9. District Innovation Fund.

10. Chief Minister Career Guidance Scheme.

11. Chief Minister Youth for Green Campaign Movement.

12. Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) - District Action Plan.


Who's Who
Designation Name Contact
Deputy Commissioner  
District Planning Officer Shri. L.Ch. Marak, MCS
Research Officer Shri. Anjit Momin 7638030758
Assistant Research officer Smt. Safetyla B Marak 98622912683
U.D.A Smt. Marbina R Marak 8787766325
L.D.A Smt. Chibasal R Marak 8132021485
Peon Smt. Juliana M Sangma 6009687714
Peon Wiseng D Shira 6009042585



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