Information Technology Department

Information Technology Department

The Information Technolgy needs in the district is looked after by the District Centre of the National Informatics Centre (NIC), Department of Information Technology, Government of India, which is housed in the Deputy Commissioner's Office. The State Information Technology also has an e-District Manager to oversee the rool-out and functioning of the e-District Project. The district also has a District e-Governance Society (DeGS) with the Deputy Commissioner as its Chairman for strengthening and proper monitoring of IT projects taken up in the district.


National Informatics Centre (NIC)

National Informatics Centre (NIC), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India was established in 1976, and has a rich experience in providing ICT and eGovernance support to the Government for the last 4 decades and bridge the digital divide. The district centre of NIC is one of the linkages of NIC's ICT Network, “NICNET”, with its presence in all the Ministries/Departments of the Central Government, State/UT Governments and about 720+ District Administrations of India.

With the ICT infrastructure of NICNET, LAN, Videoconference Studio, messaging service, Webcast facilities, etc., the NIC District Centre plays a diverse role from executing various projects under e-Governance and Digital India initiatives to day-to-day ICT-driven technical support to automate and accelerate eGovernance processes in close interaction with users of the departments. The NIC District Centre provides all necessary support to the district level computerization like Implementation of Central, State and District level projects, software development and support, Web Site development, imparting training to the Government Employees and others, network & Internet Connectivity through NICNet and Video-Conferencing facility.


Infrastructure of the NIC District Centre
  • NICNET (NIC Network) is the network backbone of NIC which connects the NIC headquarters in New Delhi, all the State Units and the District Units. The district unit is connected with a 34 MBPS Leased Line. In East Garo Hills District, NICNET services is provided 24x7 to most of the DC’s Office including Treasury and DRDA through a structured LAN and to a few other offices like the Superintendent of Taxation, District Statistics Office, etc.
  • Video Conferencing Studio: the NIC District Centre is equipped with Video Conferencing set up via a 34 MBPS Leased Line. The District Administration and other department use this facility for various video conferencing purposes like meetings, trainings and webinars.
  • The NIC District Centre, East Garo Hills District is manned by a District Informatics Officer who is assisted by two Network Service Administrators.


Services provided by NIC District Centre

Some of the services the NIC District Unit provides:

  • Support for the e-District Services
  • Support for the other online services
    • Case Information System/e-Courts
    • District Transport Office computerisation (Vahan & Sarathi)
    • Treasury computerisation (TreasuryNET)
    • Computerisation of Sale Tax Office
    • Arms Licence Issuance System (NDAL/ALIS)
    • PDS Computerisation
    • e-Prosecution
  • Training and capacity building, technical support, consultancy for various government departments regarding their ICT needs.
  • Design and maintainence of websites including this District Portal.
  • Maintenance of LAN connectivity within DC's Office and and leased-line connectivity to other offices.
  • Maintenance of the Video Conferencing Studio and facilities.
  • Support during the Conduct of Elections: NIC plays a vital role during conduct of Elections, application on polling personnel was used, generation of ID cards for various oficials, management of hardware, LAN & connectivity in the office & in the counting halls.


Who's Who
Designation Name Contact
National Informatics Centre
District Informatics Officer,
National Informatics Centre
Shri. Shanborlang Warjri
  • 34226 (IP Phone)
  • +91 70052 23611
Network Service Administrator Shri. Chansam Ch. Momin
  • 34226 (IP Phone)
  • +91 70053 94339
Network Service Administrator Shri. Krimporth Ch. Marak
  • 34226 (IP Phone)
  • +91 87876 92632
Information Technology Department
e-District Manager Shri. Lilian Moure Ch. Momin
  • +91 84150 97954


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