horticulture Department

District horticulture office

Implementation of various developmental Schemes by distributing seeds, plantingmaterials, awareness programme & field demonstration



  • Implementation ofvarious developmental activities

  • Distribution of Horticulture Crop Seeds

  • Training & Awareness Programme

  • Field demonstration

  • Documentation

    schemes/projects implemented

    1. Vegetable Development Scheme.
        Under this scheme procurement and sale of good quality seeds of hybrids, Truly Labeled and Improved varieties of important vegetablecrops @ 50% subsidies rates to the vegetable growers is takenup.

    2. Vegetable Garden DevelopmentScheme
         The Scheme is mean for promotion of Vegetable cultivation in small plot of land as model Kitchen Gardens in order to meet the deficit Nutrient requirement of the household rather than the commercial purpose.

    3. Fruit DevelopmentScheme.
        The scheme is taken up to encourage the farmers to take up plantation of Major Horticultural Crops. Under this scheme planting materials of horticultural crops are distributed to the farmers at 50% subsidizedpurpose.

    4. Tuber Crop Development Scheme 
        Under this scheme Potato Tubers along with P. P. chemicals and Plant Protection Chemicals Are provided to the Potato Growers through sale at 50% subsidized rate.

    5. Plantation Crop DevelopmentScheme 
        The Main objective of Plantation Crop Development Scheme — I is to construction of Arecanut soak-age tank to be assisted to the cultivators at 50% subsidized.
         Under this scheme, Pineapple Plantation is taken up in villages of adjourning areas to get bulk production of Pineapple Fruits.
      The main objective of Plantation Crop Development Scheme — III is to encourage the farmers for plantation crops like Arecanut, Coconut and Cashew nut. Under this scheme the planting material of plantation crops are distributed to the farmer free of cost.

    6. Plant Protection Scheme.
        In order to prevent pests and diseases problems as well as control the infestation of these, bio-pesticides and other controlling agents have to be procured. These materials were procured through this scheme. These bio-pesticides and controlling agents arc either sold at 50% subsidized rates or distributed free of costs to treat endemic as well as epidemic areas.

    7. Agriculture MarketingScheme
         The main objective of the Agriculture MarketingScheme is to provide the farmers with latest Post Harvest Tools &Implements as well packaging materials at subsidized rate so that the finished products reach the market without any damage to the products so in turn the farmers get the full benefit of their products.

    8. Horticulture InformationScheme
        This scheme provides information on Department activities through various means like exhibition, seminars, poster, pamphlets, etc.

    9. Maintenance of Horti-Hubs.
        The scheme undertakes production good quality planting materials for sale to the horticultural Farmers besides maintaining standing horticultural mother Plants in production of good grafts etc.

    10.Floriculture DevelopmentScheme
        The Scheme aims at supplying of quality planting materials of ornamental crops and Technology to raise suchcrops.

    11.Organic ManureScheme
        The main objective of the Organic Manure Scheme is to produce Organic food. Unlike chemical fertilizer, the Organic Manure is free from residual effect. Under this Scheme, awareness campaign on various composting use of Organic Manures etc. are conducted to the farmers, andestablishment of Vermi Composting unit for farmers are taken up to produce Organic Manure.


    Who's Who
    Designation Name Contact
    District Horticulture Officer, Williamnagar. Shri J. P. Verma
    Asstt. Director of Horticulture, (Mkt) Shri Marbaiangki Marbaniang
    Asstt. Director of Horticulture, (Gen) Smt. Mukta M. Sangma
    Horticulture Development Officer, FPA Shri Siljang K. Sangma
    Horticulture Development Officer,VSF Smt. Alice Tengchi A. Sangma
    Horticulture Development Officer, Songsak Shri Donny N. Marak



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