co-operative Department

Co-operative Department

The department works for the development of Co-operatives in the district. The Cooperative movenaent is rooted in people's organisation based on 7(seven) basic principles:
1. Voluntary and open membcrship
2. Dcmocratic members control
3. Members economic participation
4. Autonr›mv and I ndependcnce
5. Education. 1 raining and Information
6. Cooperation among cooperatives
7. Concern for the community.

Co-operatives are autonomous associations of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled
enterprise. The imbibe the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity.
The Department was established in the year 1981. Since then, the department is working for the development of the co-operative Societies in the district.

Formation of Cooperative Societies: -
1. A group of individual or a group of comprising not less than 15 individual or groups can organize amongst themselves and promote a cooperative society.
2. Any individual attaining the age of 18 years and above can become a members of a Co-operative Society.
3. The members of a Co-operative Society should reside in the same compact area and having common economic needs to uplift their economic conditions through joint and collective efforts.
4. A Co-operative Society has been formed behind the following broad objectives.
5. To render services to its services to its members instead of making profits.
6. It encourages a state of mutual help in the place of completion.
7. It assumes a state of sell-help in the place of dependence.
8. It develops a state of moral solidarity in the place of unfair business activities.

Conditions for Registration:
1. A member of a Co-operative Society should not less than 18 years in age.
2. The promoters of a Co-operative Society should not be less thun 15(fifteen) individuals.
3. The promoters should jointly submit the application through online mode only through portal to thc Assistant Registrar of Co-opertitive Societies/Sub Registrar of Co-operative Societies at the District and Sub-Divisions for application of registration.

Requirements for online application:
1. Aims & Objectives of the Society.
2. Proceeding of General meeting alongwith members present duly signed.
3. Promoters list with signature.
4. NOC from Nokma/Sordar.



Right from the Registration of a Co-operative Society till the cancellation of its registration, the Registrar acts as a friend, philosopher and guide to the Co-operative and ensures that Co- operative Societies, function in accordance with the Cooperative Societies Act. In fact, the Registrar is “Trimurti” of the Co-operative Movement. The main functions ot the Registrar are as under.

  • Registration of Co-operative Societies.
  • Registration of amendments in the Bye-Laws of Co-operative Societies. Amalgamation, division and re- organization of Co-operative Societies.
  • Ensure timely election of the Managing Committee in Co-operative Societies.
  • Conduct elections of Managing Committee in Primary Agricultural Credit Society.
  • Ensure proper investment of funds by Co- operatives as per Act & Rules.
  • Conduct statutory audit, order inspection, enquiry and also fixing surcharges on negligent functionaries of Co-operative Societies.
  • Settle disputes of Co-operative Societies through the process of arbitration.
  • Function as an appellate court.


Schemes/projects implemented
  • Piggery Mission & Milk Mission


Who's Who
Designation Name Contact
Assistant Registrar of Co- operative Societies. Shri. Reward N. Rymbai
Sub- Registrar of Co- operative Societies Shri. Marcelinus Kharbukhi


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