Department OF TEXTILES

Department OF TEXTILES

District Handloom Officer, Sericulture Farm, DC Old Colony, East Garo Hills, Williamnagar

With a view to bringing closer the District level office of the Department to the people of the District with an attempt to expand and popularize Sericulture in the region, and also for better management and monitoring, the District Sericulture Office was established in the heart of the District Headquarter at Williamnagar during the year 1977-78. The jurisdiction of this Office was the entire East Garo Hills District comprising the 3 (Three) Community and Rural Development Blocks of the District.
1. Samanda C&RD Block.
2. Songsak C&RD Block.
3. Dambo-Rongjeng C&RD Block.

The jurisdiction of the Department comprises the above three C&RD Blocks and consistently dealing with the field activities such as supply of planting materials, dfls, appliances, incentives and equipments and maintenance of the following farms/centres.
1) Eri Seed Farm, Bonegre.
2) Eri Silk Growing Centre, Samanda.
3) Chawki Rearing Centre, Williamnagar.
4) Eri Spinning Centre, Samanda



Demonstration, Training, Production, Sole, etc.

1) Plantation & maintenance of existing plantation of all three types of Sericulture plants namely Mulberry, Eri & Muga plantation
2) Rearing activities of Eri, Muga & Mulberry Silkworm
3) Silkworm seed production & supply of Disease free Sayings
5) Overall maintenance of the centre
6) Area expansion of Sericulture.
7) Raising of Mulberry, Kesseru & Muga Nursery.
8) Demonstration & training on Eri Spinning.
9) Production of Eri Silk yarn by engaging spinners.
10) Make farmers aware about new technologies.
11) Skilled upgradation of stakeholders.
12) Supply of quality seed lings to the farmers.
13) Focus on Women Empowerment as "Sericulture is known as a women friendly occupation”.
14) Implement Government Scheme to the farmers.
15) Organizing exposure visits to sericulturally advanced areas.
16) Conducting awareness programmes.
17) Conducting Programmes for demonstration of Innovative technologies and best practices among the farmers.


Who's Who
District Handloom office
Designation Name Contact
District Handloom Officer Shri. Deepak Kr. Hajong
LDA Smti. Masilna Sangma
Weaving InspectorShri. Ershad Hussain
E.O Shri. Bhalang Rani
Weaving DemonstratorShri. Millison Sangma
Weaving Demonstrator Shri. Prodipson Marak
Weaving Demonstrator Smti. Mellyna Momin
Weaving Demonstrator Smti. Nomitha Marak
Weaving Demonstrator Smti. Indira Momin
Peon Shri. Dromy K Sangma
Jugali Smti.Winme Sangma
Chowkidar Shri. Hellarin Sangma
Peon Smti. Pollina Marak
Peon Shri. Clement Sangma
Peon Shr. Arbison Sangma  
Peon Shri. Helartson Sangma
District Sericulture Office
Designation Name Contact
i/c District Sericulture Officer Smti.Sanre G Momin
Manager,ESF Bonegre Shri. Charnenko D Sangma
Supervisor, ESF Bonegre Shri. Torello R Sangma
LDA Shri. William A Sangma
Sericulture Demonstrator, PEC Samanda Shri. Joramstone W Momin
Sericulture Demonstrator, Rongjeng Circle Shri. Jewithsen C Momin
Sericulture Demonstrator, Muga Farm, Williamnagar Smti. Ishabelia G Momin
Sericulture Demonstrator, Williamnagar Circle Shri. Uttom D Sangma
Sericulture Demonstrator, Mangsang Circle Shri. Aisten B Marak
Sericulture Demonstrator, ESF Bonegre Shri. Lindush R Marak
Sericulture Demonstrator, Samanda Circle Shri. Amarabindu Hajong
Sericulture Demonstrator, ESF Bonegre Smt. Rowella N Marak
Sericulture Demonstrator, Dagal Apal Circle Shri. Mansrang R Marak
Sericulture Demonstrator, ESF Bonegre Shri. Ameer M Sangma
Peon, ESF Bonegre Shri. Kreddynard M Sangma
Peon Shri. Gabriel Marak
Chowkidar, ESF Bonegre Shri. Principal B Marak
Peon Smt. Marcorina T Sangma
Peon, PEC Samanda Shri. Pallin Ch Marak


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