Employment exchange Department

District Employment Exchange Office East Garo Hills, Williamnagar.

The District Employment Exchange office is under the control of Director of Employment & Cratfsmen Training Shillong which is under Labour Department. It has two (2) branches the :

(1) Industrial Training Institute (ITI) which is a technical branch, and
(2) The Employment exchanges which is a non-technical branch. The Industrial Training Institute (ITI) is a apprenticeship training institution and Employment Exchanges are the registration of the job-seekers at District level.



1) Employment officer: The Employment Officer is the head of the department at the District level and is responsible for all the activities of the Employment Exchanges at the District level.
2) Assistant Employment Officer: The Assistant Employment Officer (VG) Vocational Guidance is look after the guidance activities both in office and in educational institutions by visiting the schools and colleges to give career guidance and other information to the students.
3) Upper Division Assistant : One (UDA) Upper Division Assistant is to look after the general works and account matters of the office.
4) Lower Division Assistant EMI Section : This (LDA) Lower Division Assistant of EMI section collects information/datas of each private and public sectors vacancies, quarterly/half yearly/annually and submit it to the Government.
5) Lower Division Assistant VG Section : This (LDA) Lower Division Assistant assists the Officer in giving information guidance to the job-seekers and prepares and reports & returns of different guidance activities performed daily/monthly to be submitted to the director.
6) Registration Section: This section register the job-seekers free of cost on daily basis. When notified vacancy comes then select the qualified candidates and submit to the employees/placement/submission of cancidated is done through this section.
7) Statistical Assistant: Statistical Assistant is to collect the data information of each private/public sectors, tabulate and prepare datas and submit the reports, quarterly & half yearly to the Director.


Who's Who
Designation Name Contact
Employment Officer Smt. Dina R. Marak 9862148189
Upper Division Assistant ( EIAB, Rongjeng) Smt. Clara T. Sangma 9436316701
Upper Division Assistant (Employment Exchange williamnagar) Smt. Virginia T. Sangma 9436316590
Lower Division Assistant (EMI Section) Smt. Crothilda R. Marak 9436332342
Lower Division Assistant ( Vocational Guidance) Smt. Nebiaditya S. Sangma 9436331476
Lower Division Assistant (Registration Section) Smt. Elissa Sangma 9436321980
Assistant Employment Offficer (Vacant)
Statistical Assistant ( vacant)



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