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Citizen Services
"The real Swaraj will come not by the acquisition of authority by a few but by acquisition of capacity by all to resist authority when abused"
- Mahatma Gandhi

Citizen's Charter

A Citizen's Charter represents the commitment of the Organisation towards standards, quality and time frame of service delivery, grievance redressal mechanism, transparency and a ccountability. The Government of Meghalaya, in its efforts to provide a more responsive and citizen-friendly governance coordinates the efforts to formulate and operationalise Citizen's Charters. With a view to ensure effective implementation of Citizen's Charter, Nodal Officers have been appointed in the concerned Departments/ Organisations.

The main objective of Citizen's Charter of an organisation is to improve the quality of its public services. This is done by letting people know the mandate of the concerned Department/ Organisation, how one can get in touch with its officials, what to expect by way of services and how to seek a remedy to problems. The Citizen's Charter does not by itself create new legal rights, but goes a long way in enforcing existing rights. This website has been created with the sole and unwavering commitment to empower the people of the East Garo Hills district of Meghlaya.