Tourist Destination: Napak/Tasek

Tourist Destination: Napak/Tasek

Tasek Wari


Tasek Wari is a tectonic lake formed by River Damring during the Great Earthquake of 1897. It was believed to be the habitat of a huge water serpent called Sangkini by the locals. Adding to the charm of this momentous story is the rustic landscape around the lake. Located near Songsak, just off the Darugiri-Songsak road, this beautiful, natural inland lake is a popular spot for picnics and boat rides.


Tasek Dare


Some distance upstream from the lake is a series of beautiful waterfalls, Tasek Dare. A hike from Tasek lake is easy to moderate depending on the season.




A few kilometers away from Tasek Wari is the village of Napak. There is a fair bit of legend around Napak. According to Garo myths and beliefs, a hill called Slang A∙bri nearby Napak was believed to be the original Me∙mang A∙song - the underworld, the abode of the spirits. According to the myth, due to a tiff between the living residents of Napak and the spirits, the spirits had to flee to Balpakram. There's an eerie resemblance between Slang A∙bri and Balpakram (which is a National Park in South Garo Hills), with corresponding spots like Chidimak, Matchu Boldak Karam and Me∙mang Anti Charam. There are quite a few waterfalls at Slang A∙bri like the Mangru falls and Wakabu Dare. Slang Abri is most accessible from Daring Apal village. The hike up to Slang A∙bri is moderate, and cover quite a bit of a distance.






Where to stay

There is Forest Department Inspection Bungalow at Tasek Lake.

Since Williamnagar is nearby, one can avail the accomodations it offers.




Nearby Destinations

A few of the destinations nearby Tasek/Napak:

  • Chidambong and Bolgisim lakes at Jamge.
  • Sightsee Do∙be Dare en route from Williamnagar.


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