Tourist Destination: Daribokgre

Tourist Destination: Daribokgre



Daribokgre is a beautiful hamlet situated in the peripheral fringes of Nokrek Naltional Park/Nokrek Biosphere Reserve. Although Daribokgre falls under East Garo Hills, it is most accessible from West Garo Hills. Daribokgre is the starting point for the famous trek to Nokrek Peak and Matcha Nokpante. The trek to Nokrek Peak is a short trek through vibrant forests and terrain before reaching the summit. The peak is the highest peak in the Garo Hills range with an elevation of 1412 metres above sea level. The peak is also the source of the River Simsang, the longest river in Garo Hills, which flows through the heart of the district. The Matcha Nokpante (literally, the 'tiger's bachelor den') is a popular rock outcropping viewpoint that offers a panoramic view onto South Garo Hills and the Bangladesh plains in the south.





Distances: Daribokgre is about 9.3 kms off the Williamnagar-Rongsakgre-Asananggre-Tura state highway (divert at Oragitok), about 51.5 kms from Williamnagar and 38 kms from Tura.


Where to stay

There is an Inspection Bungalow (IB) run by the Forest Department, East & West Garo Hills Wildlife Division at Daribokgre.

The local community at Daribokgre has been greatly exposed to visitors and tourists who flock the area and the community provides them with local food and accommodation in their villages for a minimal price.

There are also other options of resorts, homestays and camping areas in an around Daribokgre:

  • The Nok A∙chik at Daribokgre.
  • The Balkasin Homestay at Daribok.
  • The Chandigre Rural Tourist Resort at Chandigre
  • The Nok A∙chik at Sakal A∙duma.


  • Eco-Tourism:
    Treks, hikes and nature walks (best during the dry season: Oct-Mar) - to Nokrek Peak, Nokrek Biosphere Reserve, Matcha Nokpante, Mandalgre & Bandigre villages and to the source of River Simsang.
    Bird-watching, experience sightings of the local flora & fauna, especially me∙mang narang and huro.
  • Rural Tourism:
    Experience local tradition, culture, architecture, cuisine and brews.
    Stay at a nok a∙chik and take a look at the going-ons in the nok pante.
    Have a taste of me∙mang narang and visit nearby orange plantations.
  • Souvenirs: Me∙mang narang and Nokrek oranges in season, local honey (sweet, citrusy flavoured) and local rice brew. The unique experience of having heard the resonating, primaeval calls of the huro.


Nearby Destinations

A few of the destinations nearby Daribokgre:

  • Fish Sanctuaries, angling, sightseeings - at Chisobibra, Rongkem, Bansamgre, Songkal Wari and Rombagre, dotted along the River Simsang that follows the highway from Williamnagar to Rombagre, en route to Daribokgre.
  • Chandigre Rural Resort (West Garo Hills) - to experience local Garo culture and traditions - 8 kms away.
  • Rongbang Dare, a waterfall on the Williamnagar-Rongsakgre-Daribokgre route.
  • Mandalgre & Bandigre villages known for birds, elephants, trekking, etc. - about 5-6 kms trek from Daribokgre.
  • Stay at a nok a∙chik at Sakal A∙duma Rural Resort (West Garo Hills) with breath-taking views amidst the orange orchards - 9 kms away.
  • Sasatgre Village (West Garo Hills) known for its oranges, rice brews and houses built in a distinguished, local pattern - 6 kms away.
  • Vist Selbalgre Hoolock Gibbon Reserve (West Garo Hills) for sacred forests, Hoolock Gibbon, medicinal plants, python, etc. and stay at Huro A∙song resort - 15 kms away.
  • Visit Rombhagre Ethnic Tourism Project (West Garo Hills) & picnic spot - 18 kms away.
  • Asananggre (West Garo Hills) - to experience the 100 Drums Wangala Drums Festival (a 3-day festival held during November) - 20 kms away.
  • Tura - the headquarter of West Garo Hills District and the largest town in Garo Hills region, at the foothills of the majestic Tura Peak.


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