Tourist Destination: Chisobibra

Tourist Destination: Chisobibra



Intertwined with the striking terrain of Garo Hills are legends and Garo folklore. At Chisobibra, you can learn about the legacy of the Garo Warrior/Matgrik – Pa Togan Nengminja, the most famous freedom fighters from amongst the Garos. During the British Expedition to annex Garo Hills to British India, they faced the last major Garo resistance to their intrusion at Rongrengiri. After days of seize, they succeeded on 12th December, 1837 to fell the Garo Warrior Pa Togan Nengminja Sangma who led the Garos, at Chisobibra near Rongrengiri. This broke the Garo resistance and the British annexed Garo Hills with ease. A park and a simple memorial to Pa Togan Nengminja has been erected at Chisobibra within Rongrengiri Reserve Forest. A function to commemorate the fallen martyr Pa Togan, is held annually at the site of the Memorial, on the anniversary of his martyrdom.



Located on the bank of the River Simsang close to Williamnagar, Chisobibra and its environs are covered with tall, elegant and mature Sal trees which constitute the Rongrengiri Reserve Forest covering an are of over thirty six square kilometers. At Rongrengiri, the River Simsang provides an excellent spot for anglers to try their hand for big as well as small catch. Wildlife lovers will find flocks of Imperial-Pigeons grazing for calcinates, on the sandy banks of the Simsang River, at Chisobibra.





Distances: Chisobibra is about 6.3 kms on the Williamnagar-Tura state highway.


Where to stay

There is an Inspection Bungalow (IB) run by the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council at Chisobibra.

Since Williamnagar is nearby, one can avail the accomodations it offers.


  • Sightseeing. Picnic. Angling. There is a small market where you can buy local organic vegetables and the famous local fishes caught from the Simsang.


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